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HubXe is a platform with proprietary technologies built for startups & companies. It provides deeply integrated AI-powered CRM, web analytics, ad insight, office suite, marketplace, and more at one low monthly price.

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Some of the HubXe platform features and more coming soon

HubXe offers many business-oriented features and modules that are easy to use with precise insight. All our features are available to all plans, and we do not charge extra for them.
All features are designed with time-saving & profit-increasing functionality in mind.

What are the most popular features included with each plan?

This is only a partial list of features as HubXe is constantly developing, so please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the feature you're looking for.

Features Analytics CRM Insight Business
Tiered reports structure
Ads channels tracking
Ads campaigns tracking
AI advertising scoring
Auto-generated dashboard for each tier
Integration with CrmXe
Bots recognition algorithm
Social media traffic tracking
Downloadable traffic templates from Marketplace
Offline channels traffic tracking
Track customers from CRM
Track leads from CRM
Track opportunities from CRM
Advanced source tracking
User interaction tracking
User engagement tracking
Bots auto-removal
Real time views component
Real time actions component
Real time conversions component
Real time sales component
Strong encryption
Analytics processing from 5 seconds
99.9% SLA
Manage accounts
Manage orders
Manage leads
Manage contacts
Manage opportunities
Integrated sales pipeline
Manage products
Manage product categories
Manage web forms
Engagement based sales pipeline
Forms based sales pipeline
Events based sales pipeline
Auto-correlate accounts
Auto-correlate orders
Auto-correlate leads
Auto-correlate contacts
Auto-correlate opportunities
Track duplications
Integrated with analytics
Multi-device tracking
Customer tracking from first visit
Dedicated & separated database
Advanced web form tracking
Automatic backups
Data processing from 5 seconds
Artificial Intelligence
Marketplace plugins
Marketplace modules
Marketplace apps
Marketplace templates
OfficeXe Windows license
SpreadsheetXe Windows license
DocumentXe Windows license
CalendarXe Windows license
PdfXe Windows license
Free updates

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Why HubXe is the best platform to boost your business?

HubXe uses proprietary technologies developed by us to revolutionize how businesses are run and developed by integrating necessary tools for your business into one single platform that combines all data.

Features Google Analytics HubXe
Artificial Intelligence
Built-in CRM
Correlate traffic with CRM
Track user actions
Sales pipeline
Auto backups
Track multi-device customers
Installable templates
Installable plugins
Installable modules
Anti-bot protection
Channel's dashboard
Campaign's dashboard
Accurate social media visitors tracking
Easy to use interface
Export to PDF / Excel / CSV
SME oriented
Office Suite included
Custom sales tracking *Partial
Custom conversions tracking *Partial (20 max)
Freshness of data Up to 1 day 1s - 10min
Conversion goals Only 20 Up to 10,000
New features Rare updates Every few weeks
GDPR Compliance
EU based data-centers