Track user actions on each visit. Even bounced traffic has valuable data now.

Knowing how users engaging with your every page is invaluable. You can genuinely see your visitors' engagement.

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See visitor actions on your website

See user actions for each page visit.

Understanding your audience is crucial for your business success, now you have a perfect tool for that.

  • See what content drives more user actions.
  • See user actions per channel, campaign, goal, conversion, sale, or product.
  • See actions even for bounced traffic.

Create a perfect landing page
so you can boost your sales.

Seeing visitor actions on your website means that you can create a perfect landing page for your advertising campaigns for each audience segment.

  • Create a better match between content and audience.
  • Create better advertising that will lead to more actions and sales.
  • See your mistakes and decrease advertising costs.
See your action's locations'

You don't know enough
about your audience.

If you don't know how your visitors behave on your website, you do not know enough about them and are losing money.

Your content won't fit
every audience segment.

Every segment of the audience will expect different content; with visitor action tracking, you can create the most engaging content for your audience segments.

Innovative tool that give you the competitive advantage.

  • Constant updates
  • Business-oriented
  • Easy to use

Learn about bounced traffic

HubXe will show you how "bounced traffic" is behaving (or not), it is also useful in detecting low quality traffic (bots).

Understand your audience

Knowing how your audience behaves on your website and what content is more engaging is key to your success.

Create better content

Test your content for a specific audience to see how engaging it is for them.

Increase sales

Increase your sales by creating the best landing page for a specified audience.

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