Boost your ad budgets with the next-gen
Marketing & Analytics platform

The AI-powered next-generation hub of tools for businesses is here.
From web traffic analytics, sales, conversions, trends, benchmarks, and landing page monitoring to AI discovering the best opportunities for your business.

HubXe web traffic analytics that is perfect for Google Ads
Expand your Google Ads budget up to 40%

Expand each $100 of ads budget into $140 or more

With HubXe, you can decrease CPC and increase your conversion rate, expanding your ad budget further.

  • Learn more about your biggest opportunities
  • We identify the best campaigns and channels
  • Understand what and how converts for your traffic
  • The best companion for your Google Ads

Decrease your CPC and increase conversions

We use the same methodology as Google to assess your website performance and user-centric metrics. You can increase conversion dramatically and decrease your CPC if you apply proposed changes to your landing pages.

  • See what Google sees while looking at your landing page
  • We can monitor your landing page metrics and identify issues that increase your CPC
  • Decrease CPC drastically and improve conversions

See what Google sees

CRM overview

Traffic, conversion and sales analytics

Get a 360-degree view of the most important analytics for your business. See your web traffic analytics combined with conversions and sales.
Stop wasting your time on ineffective tools, and start focusing on running your business.

  • Web traffic analytics combined with conversions and sales
  • Auto identification of bots
  • Track precisely your traffic per channel/campaign
  • Real-time analytics

See real people and their actions

Focusing on real people instead of bots means focusing your efforts on real people metrics that bring your company money.

  • See what content drives more user actions.
  • See user actions per channel, campaign, goal, conversion, sale, or product.
  • See engagement even for bounced traffic.

Image presenting example live actions

How many more customers can HubXe help you get?

Example website traffic:

20,000 Visitors

Current Sales

$ 43,520

Current Customers

680 customers

Current conversion %

3.4 %

Sales with HubXe*

$ 69,632

Customers with HubXe*

1,088 customers

Conversion % with HubXe*

4.7 %

How are the above numbers calculated?

HubXe uses Google research data regarding landing page speed performance and conversion rate. The actual values will differ from customer to customer. The above example assumes an average customer lifetime value of $64.

Boost ROI, manage customers, extend your ad budget and sell more with HubXe

HubXe offers a unique set of revolutionary tools that should help you increase Return On Investment from your advertising and marketing.
Quickly identify the best opportunities and measure the most critical business-focused metrics, no matter what channel, ad campaign, or traffic source you want to test.

Multi device presenting HubXe sales and analytics dashboard

Easy to use

We built HubXe with ease of use in mind. It should save you time, so everything is a click away.

HubXe changes everything

HubXe is a first on the market AI business platform that provides a wide range of necessary tools required by any business, yet highly insightful and integrated.

Global-scale partner

We have a global network of cloud computing servers. It means that we can offer the same quality of service to you and your traffic no matter the location.

Start a 21 days free trial.

Test HubXe with a free trial for 21 days. See how much easier it is to improve your ROI, decrease CPC and boost conversions.

HubXe plans comparison

Learn what is the difference between our plans.

  • Do you offer a trial?

    Yes, you can create a trial account using the Free Trial button. Your trial will last 21 days with access to Lite features.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time from the customer panel or by contacting us.

  • Can I change my plan?

    You can change your plan at any time from the customer panel.

Features Lite Plus Pro
Analytics - Traffic
Analytics - Visitor's Actions
Analytics - Conversions
Analytics - Sales
Trends - AdScore
Trends - Conversions
Trends - Sales
Trends - Web Traffic
Benchmarks - Conversions
Benchmarks - Sales
Benchmarks - Web Traffic
Audits - PageSpeed
Audits - Page Content
Monitoring - PageSpeed
Monitoring - Page Content
Monitoring Frequency Weekly Bi-Weekly Daily
Conversion Funnels
Sales Pipelines
Data Retention 12 months 24 months 36 months