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Take your marketing to the next-level with a revolutionary leap in marketing management. Boost your ROI while reducing advertising waste.

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Revolutionary set of tools that will reduce your advertising cost while increasing sales and your ROI.

HubXe has a lot to offer you, we designed and developed a next-gen platform with AI assistance offering a streamlined suite of features like web analytics, precise user engagement tracking, audits, benchmarks, funnels, monitoring, sales pipelines, and trend recognition.

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Web Analytics

Truly next-gen web analytics offers much more precise insight into your visitors, their behavior, and the performance of marketing channels and campaigns.

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Marketing Management

In Today's competitive advertising world, you will need the most advanced technologies to obtain an advantage. With HubXe you will boost your key metrics in all areas for any advertising channel.

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Benchmarks & Audits

According to Google's research, just a 1-second delay in the loading speed of your landing page will lead to a decrease in conversion by up to 20%. At HubXe we follow current requirements and alert you about required fixes to your landing pages.

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Your visitor's engagement will change over time, which is why it is important to have a partner that helps with current trends on your website.

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Landing Page Monitoring

Did you know that Google Ads measures your landing page performance many times a day? Do you know what they see? With HubXe monitoring tools, you can spend your time elsewhere.


Next-gen replacement for Google Analytics. Here's why:


Next-gen analytics for web traffic, sales, conversions, and visitor engagement.

Marketing Management

Leap in marketing management that increases sales while reducing advertising budget waste.


Landing page audits will help to improve your conversions as well as the visitor experience.


Discover the best channels and campaigns and recognize the worst performers.


Trends in sales and conversions are crucial to make the best-informed decision.

Landing Page Monitoring

Your landing pages are the first point of contact with your potential customers, so monitor them.

Increase conversions
up to 30% with HubXe.

  • Drop-in replacement for Google Analytics

    If you are in the EU and your country has banned Google Analytics, then you can use us as a drop-in replacement.

  • Or use it next-to Google Analytics

    If you want to keep using Google Analytics, no problem, you can install HubXe next to it.

Re-invented Analytics For Marketing

Made to extend your ad budget while reducing ad waste. The secret weapon of your competitors

Improving the efficiency of your advertising budget is a crucial step in today's reality, and with HubXe proprietary technologies, it is possible and easy to do.

Precise user behavior analysis

How much am I loosing: You might be loosing up to 60% of your advertising budget on underperforming campaigns or channels.

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Track visitors from mail or QR codes

HubXe, an innovative marketing and analytics platform, enhances business profitability by providing deep insights into web traffic and user engagement, along with the unique capability to precisely track visitors from offline channels such as mail, business cards, TV, or QR codes, alongside its comprehensive online and advertising traffic analysis.


Next-gen advertising management

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