Boost your ad budgets with the help of the
next-generation in marketing automation.

The AI-powered next-generation hub of tools for businesses is here. All metrics and data that matter to enterprises are accessible within seconds and will give you competitive advantage over your competition.

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How many more customers can HubXe help you get?

Example website traffic:

20,000 Visitors

Current Sales

$ 43,520

Current Customers

680 customers

Current conversion %

3.4 %

Sales with HubXe*

$ 69,632

Customers with HubXe*

1,088 customers

Conversion % with HubXe*

4.7 %

How are the above numbers calculated?

HubXe uses Google research data regarding landing page speed performance and conversion rate. The actual values will differ from customer to customer. The above example assumes an average customer lifetime value of $64.

HubXe supports precise insight and analytics for any traffic source and integrates it with built-in CRM. It works with any social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even offline channels like telemarketing.

next gen analytics that helps improve roi

Next-gen Analytics

HubXe is an AI-powered, next-gen successor of analytics.

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CRM that integrates with analytics and insight


The CRM system that is fully integrated with analytics.

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Install plugins, modules, apps and ad templates from our marketplace


Search and install for free tracking templates, modules and plugins.

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Auto assign sales, opportunities, quotes, contacts to CRM via our analytics

Track sales

Track sales automatically from any source.

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OfficeXe with SpreadsheetXe/DocumentXe/CalendarXe/PdfXe

OfficeXe included

Windows Office suite is included with every membership.

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AdScore icon


An AI-powered revolutionary new metric for advertising.

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User actions icon

See visitor actions

HubXe allows for tracking user behavior, even for bounced traffic.

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Fully integrated ad insight, web analytics with CRM, sales and conversions

Full integration

All our tools are fully integrated so your business can get an edge.

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With one click, you can gain valuable insight into your sales & advertising.

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AdPerformance icon


Check performance for each campaign and traffic source.

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ActionScore icon


See how much engaging traffic is from each channel and campaign.

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HubXe is carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral

For each customer, we plant from one to fifteen trees per month in order to offer carbon-neutral plans.

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Start a 21 days free trial.

Test HubXe with a free trial for 21 days. See how much easier it is to improve your ROI, decrease CPC and boost conversions.

Boost ROI, manage customers, extend your ad budget and sell more with HubXe

HubXe offers a unique set of revolutionary tools that should help you increase Return On Investment from your advertising and marketing.
Quickly identify the best opportunities and measure the most critical business-focused metrics, no matter what channel, ad campaign, or traffic source you want to test.

Multi device presenting Adslytic sales and analytics dashboard

Easy to use

We built HubXe with ease of use in mind. It should save you time, so everything is a click away.

HubXe changes everything

HubXe is a first on the market AI business platform that provides a wide range of necessary tools required by any business, yet highly insightful and integrated.

Global-scale partner

We have a global network of cloud computing servers. It means that we can offer the same quality of service to you and your traffic no matter the location.

Why HubXe is the best platform to boost your business?

HubXe uses proprietary technologies developed by us to revolutionize how businesses are run and developed by integrating necessary tools for your business into one single platform that combines all data.

Features Google Analytics HubXe
Artificial Intelligence
Built-in CRM
Correlate traffic with CRM
Track user actions
Sales pipeline
Auto backups
Track multi-device customers
Installable templates
Installable plugins
Installable modules
Anti-bot protection
Channel's dashboard
Campaign's dashboard
Accurate social media visitors tracking
Easy to use interface
Export to PDF / Excel / CSV
SME oriented
Office Suite included
Custom sales tracking *Partial
Custom conversions tracking *Partial (20 max)
Freshness of data Up to 1 day 1s - 10min
Conversion goals Only 20 Up to 10,000
New features Rare updates Every few weeks
GDPR Compliance
EU based data-centers