AdScore® is a single AI metric that tells you the business value of the ad campaign.

AdScore is a proprietary technology developed to use over 800 business-relevant data-points from your website analytics.

It will create a single 0-100 score that will tell you how well an individual channel/campaign is doing.

Quickly discover those hidden treasures.

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AdScore is a huge leap for advertising & business growth

AdScore is using over 800 data-points.

We do a whole lot of calculations, much more than any other analytics platform out there.
That is because we believe that we can discover hidden gems hidden in your analytics data.

  • Use AdScore to find those campaigns that are losing money.
  • Find those that are most profitable from a broader perspective.
  • It happens automatically, using Artificial Intelligence.

AdScore is a revolution that
will transfer the whole industry.

Using AdScore can help your business increase ROI, lower costs, discover new customers' sources, and simply be more competitive.

  • Artificial Intelligence is seeing the big picture.
  • AdScore takes everything under consideration.
  • Dynamic and continuously under improvement.
Extend your advertising budget with AdScore

How AdScore can help yourbusiness.

AdScore is currently one of the most sophisticated proprietary technologies on the market.
Now your business can start benefiting from it and becoming more profitable and competitive.

See the real value

AdScore reveals real value for your business of every channel and campaign.

800 data-points

With unique tracking technology, we create a much more detailed image of your customers. AdScore uses those details.

Artificial Intelligence

It is under constant development and is becoming better and better with each day.

Learns your business

AdScore is learning your customers, your business, and your needs to identify the best traffic sources or ad campaigns.

Decrease ad costs

Identify those ads that under-perform, focus on those that offer better conversions, revenue, and engagement.

Increase ROI

AdScore will help you increase your ROI, become more competitive, and grow even faster.

  • Is it beneficial?

    AdScore is very helpful, as in the essence it parse all the business vital information into a single metric. Also, AI is learning your business, content, and customers to create AdScore relevant to your business.

  • Do I need to do anything?

    After the initial tracking setup, AdScore is generated based on data that is gathered by HubXe.

  • Why do I need AdScore?

    The analytics and insight raw data is very complex, especially that AdScore considers everything, which means that humans cannot understand all underlying facts in the data.

  • How much can it increase ROI?

    With AdScore, improvement of ROI almost has no limits as your business is gaining a crucial competitive advantage over your competition.

  • Can it make me more competitive?

    Definitely yes, AdScore, in essence, is an AI that assesses all important metrics to show you which campaigns are worth or not of your investment. It is a much faster process than anything on the market. It will try to understand your visitors and how they interact with your content.

  • What about the future?

    HubXe is currently developing several proprietary technologies that will change the whole industry in the same way the internet changed marketing. The future is very bright for all our customers.

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