HubXe is integrating precise and insightful conversion tracking with analytics.

With precise conversion tracking (of any type), you can enjoy the best insight and reports for your traffic.

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Better reporting equals better decisions.

HubXe is focused on what is right for your business; this means that you cannot be limited in tracking your conversions, and you need instant access to that information.

Features Google Analytics HubXe
Reporting processing time Reported fully after 72 hour Reported fully from 1 second - 10 minutes
Max goals up to 20 up to 20,000
Multiple conversions Once per session Unlimited per session
Real-time dashboard
Export to PDF/CSV/Excel
Track your conversions with HubXe

Conversion tracking
without any limits.

Conversions tracking is one of the most critical functions that your reporting platform should provide. HubXe is focused on delivering the best value and functionality for small and medium businesses.

  • Real-time reporting.
  • Much more than the competition.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Export to PDF/Excel/CSV with a single button.

AI-powered insight.

Complex data needs complex analysis; HubXe is using Artificial Intelligence to analyze all data and see how conversions are fit other metrics.

  • The most complex data processing engine.
  • AI for every customer, no matter the plan.
  • AI is learning your business and generates insight specific to your needs.
AdInsight along with conversions is very powerful tool for you business

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