AdInsight™ is saving time and money by providing human like insight for your website.

Get the AI-generated insight based on over 800 data-points (for each view) that will help you get a quick insight into your campaigns and traffic.

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  • Insight for each channel and campaign.
  • Insight every day, without hassle.
  • Uses over 800 data-points (for each view) to generate valuable insight.

AdInsight will give you daily insight
for all your channels and campaigns..

A fast and accessible way to stay on top of your advertising, sales, and conversions. Every day without hassle.

AI Insight

AI is used to learn more about the raw data behind HubXe and then create valuable insight for your business in mind.

Every single day

AdInsight is generated every single day and for different time frames.

Identify the issues quickly

With AdInsight, you can quickly identify issues early and act on them.

Constantly improving

AdInsight, like any other feature at HubXe, is under constant development and is improving almost every day.

Huge number of data-points that beats
any other competition out there.

HubXe web analytics technology called HubXe is using over 800 data-points (each data point is single piece of information) for each view. That is a much higher number than any other competition. This also means that we have much higher depth of information and can create much better insights for your business.

Data points for a view


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