OfficeXe is free for all HubXe customers

OfficeXe includes SpreadsheetXe, DocumentXe, CalendarXe, and PdfXe at no extra cost. It is compatible and works the same as your other office suite.

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OfficeXe is a free office suite for HubXe customers

  • SpreadsheetXe is compatible with Excel spreadsheets and templates.
  • DocumentXe is compatible with Word documents and templates.
  • CalendarXe is a full-blown calendar and task manager.
  • PdfXe is a PDF viewer & annotation tool.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/10/11 .

A free office suite that does
everything that you need.

HubXe plans offer enough free OfficeXe licenses for your business that you do not need to spend extra money per station.

Fast and free

OfficeXe is lighting fast office suite that is free for all our HubXe customers.


OfficeXe apps are cross-compatible, which means that you can save/load files for/from other office suites.


AutomationXe allows you to automate specific tasks for you in CalendarXe, like auto-open a website or call a meeting.

Windows compatible

OfficeXe is compatible with Windows 7/10/11.

DocumentXe is a perfect replacement for Word

DocumentXe is
your Word replacement.

DocumentXe is a natively compatible Word file processor. With hundreds of favorite features, your business won't only save on licensing costs but also get the same quality documents.

SpreadsheetXe replaces

SpreadsheetXe is a natively compatible Excel spreadsheet processor. It offers all popular features like functions, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, and more.

SpreadsheetXe is a replacement for Excel

Manage your appointments and tasks with CalendarXe

CalendarXe is helping
you manage your calendar.

Manage your appointments and tasks with lightning fast CalendarXe. It will even automate specific tasks for you with AutomationXe technology. Stay on top of your workday and be more efficient.

PdfXe is
PDF viewer and annotation tool.

View your PDF files with ease and annotate them as you need.

PdfXe is a PDF viewer and annotation tool

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