Website content audit gives you next-level insight into what drives sales.

The content is driving conversions and sales, so you need a marketing & analytics platform that will run content audits to know what content drives the most sales.

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CRM overview

Website landing page content audits.

Businesses must understand why customers and prospects act in the way they work. HubXe CRM provides more accurate and specific insight for you in such competitive times.

  • Know your crucial content metrics for each page.
  • See what drives the most of sales.
  • Improve conversion performance of your landing pages.
  • Find the best content for selected traffic.

Next-gen analytics that has content-awerness.

Your web traffic visitors are not interacting with URL or page title but with actual content. Based on what content you have, you will get different results.

  • Content-aware analytics platform.
  • Know your most popular keywords.
  • Expand your advertising budget.
Increase customer satifsaction
  • What about GDPR?

    At this moment we store your date in data centers located across the European Union, we do follow the GDPR regulations to make sure that data is stored responsibly.

  • How long do you store data?

    Your account data is stored as per your membership level from 6 to 24 months; however, you can always contact support to adjust that. Data from trial accounts will be deleted after 30 days. After your membership expires, data will be deleted after 60 days.

  • Why is it more accessible?

    Our competitors are data-oriented while we are business-oriented, which means that all features are designed with SME in mind. We understand that you need business metrics that help make better decisions.

  • What about the competition?

    Our competition is data-oriented vs HubXe business-oriented; we are developing a lot of new technologies for SME as opposite to using over 25 years of approach.

  • Will it help my business?

    HubXe is designed to help you make more informed and better decisions; it should help you understand your customers better, see how they engage with your content, and get innovating reports for your advertising campaigns.

  • Can I get the money back for a refund?

    Each HubXe accounts comes with 14 days free trial (without any commitment of credit cards); after that, you can decide to subscribe to selected membership or not. We won't charge you anything until you start your paid membership by yourself.

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