HubXe Sales Pipelines are fully utilizing the unique tiered structure of our web analytics.

sales pipelines showing campaign

With HubXe, you can see all metrics, analytics and insights per domain, but also each domain can have multiple channels, and each of those channels can track traffic for numerous campaigns.


There are many different use cases of our tiered structure. However, let’s say that a business wants to advertise a new product called “Shoes A”, using an email marketing campaign.

To benefit the most from HubXe Sales Pipelines (and other modules), they would follow bellow steps:

  1. Create a new channel for the business domain called “Email Shoes #1”
  2. Creates new campaigns for a newly created channel called “Email landing page #1”, “Email landing page #2”, and “Email landing page #3”.
  3. Setup the tracking of each campaign in our Tracking setup module based on his landing page URLs.
  4. Starts campaign
  5. In just 10 seconds from the first visits, the company marketing manager can see all metrics in HubXe
  6. We assume that the company website already has setup conversions (like engagement, sales, revenue, etc.)
  7. Specifically in Sales Pipeline, the marketing manager will see the performance (for each stage like leads/awareness/interests/considerations/intents/evaluation/purchases/sales volume) of each campaign or in comparison to other channel’s campaigns.